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  • Dec. 5: Our readers write


    The stifling of the thunderbolt

  • USDA official stops at area schools
  • Dec. 3: Our readers write

    Move forward

    Mike Weaver and his old- school cronies are crying foul over the previous local election results. I don’t hear any complaints coming from Tim Moore’s corner.

    Mr. Weaver had his chance; he held the position and was locked in as long as the good-old-boys ruled the roost. His political ambitions and aspirations far exceeded his qualifications for higher positions, as decided by the people of this state.

  • Private physician company at HMH drops insurance provider



    HARDIN COUNTY — A recent stint in Hardin Memorial Hospital’s emergency room has left Radcliff resident Richard Groeling frustrated, due to a surprising bill rather than the quality of service.

    Groeling’s November visit to the emergency room was spurred by the fear his wife, Debra, had suffered a stroke because of a loss of memory that accompanied Debra’s headache and vomiting.

  • Cast list for It’s A Wonderful Life

  • Dec. 7 Editorial: Weaver clears way for Moore to represent 26th


    For residents of the 26th Kentucky House District, which includes Radcliff and neighboring communities, the Nov. 4 election is over ... finally.

    Democrat Mike Weaver dropped his fight to reclaim the seat he occupied in the House of Representatives for a decade and said he would support incumbent Republican Tim Moore in his second term.

  • Nov. 30, 2008: Obituaries


    Troy Marlin Brown

    Troy Marlin Brown, 34, of Sonora, passed away Thursday, Nov.27, 2008, at Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown.

    He was a member of Olive Hill Missionary Baptist Church. He had worked for Trinity Industries as a fork lift operator.

    He was preceded in death by his paternal grandmother, Ellis Langley; and maternal grandfather, Lapsley Richardson.

  • Driver charged with DUI identified


    The driver charged with DUI and other felonies in a Thursday wreck that killed a Radcliff police officer’s son has been identified.

    Mitchell Westlin of Louisville was charged with felony wanton endangerment and assault charges, criminal mischief and DUI after Max James McLeod, 26, of Radcliff, the son of Radcliff police officer Branson McLeod, was killed in a collision on Interstate 265, Gene Snyder Freeway.

  • Fire destroys Upton home



    UPTON – A cracked flue in a wood-burning stove’s chimney likely caused a pre-dawn blaze Saturday that destroyed an Upton home.

    According to Upton Fire Department Assistant Chief Joe Vertrees, the 1:30 a.m. fire at 195 Riggs St. appears to have started when flames escaped a crack in the chimney’s flue and ignited the home’s frame or attic.

    “It was up in the attic by the time we arrived,” Vertrees said. “It took us about 7-8 minutes to get there.”

  • Dec. 4 editorial: Homelessness is here

    THE ISSUE: Homelessness

    OUR VIEW: Even here

    Although the calendar shows winter is more than two weeks away, its chilling effects already can be felt. The biting, cold wind and early morning frost on the ground give every indication the bitter season has arrived.

    During this time of year outdoor activities are at a minimum and we look forward to returning to warm homes at the end of the day. For most of us that is a reality, but for a few it is an unfilled expectation.