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  • Physician recalled for wit, dedication



    ELIZABETHTOWN — For Dr. Paul Stephen Armstrong, the beauty and fragility of a newborn baby represented life in its most miraculous form.

    As an OB/GYN, he delivered thousands of babies in his 30 years of medical service and loved every minute of it.

    “He centered his life on helping others,” said his daughter, Emily Armstrong.

  • Medical center to open in Big Clifty


  • July 27, 2008 editorial: Making 31W safer?

    Comedian Jay Leno must not read The News-Enterprise. Nor, apparently, does David Letterman.

    Because if they, or their staffs, ran across the July 14-15 headline, “Duct tape to rescue,” surely they would have tried to get some yuks out of the story.

    The headline pointed out the dangerously crowded, narrow roadway along Dixie Avenue (U.S. 31W) between North Miles Street and St. Johns Road, and asked, “What can be done?”

  • OVR FINAL: Southeastern Lexington tops Schererville for title (07/30)


  • Central Hardin High School band

    Central Hardin High School's band is featured on Wednesday's Heartland page in the print edition of The News-Enterprise.

    Each day this week, a different local band will be featured as each prepares for the upcoming marching season.

    The photographs will be available for orders online. Copy the Web information below and paste it into a browser address window to find the featured albums.

  • Military Briefs

  • State tweaks flag-lowering policy



    FRANKFORT — The state’s flag-lowering policy to mourn fallen service members has been revised  again after drawing criticism from veterans.

    Gov. Steve Beshear and Maj. Gen. Edward Tonini, the state’s adjutant general, in June intended to improve the policy to honor fallen Kentuckians by shortening the time frame.

    However, a key part of the original policy was left out of the revision.

  • Knox senior NCO retires

    Staff Report

    FORT KNOX — Command Sgt. Maj. Otis Smith Jr. turned over the reins Friday as the senior noncommissioned officer for the Armor Center and Fort Knox to Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell.

    Smith retired after 33 years of service to the Army. He served as the senior NCO to three commanding generals at Fort Knox culminating with his service to Brig. Gen. Don Campbell. He entered the Army at Fort Knox and trained as a cavalry scout.

  • Letter-Petry

    There has been a commercial running for the past several weeks claiming one lobbyist was responsible for the continued rise in Kentucky's tax on gasoline. My question is how did one person pass this tax? I thought that the state Senators and State Representative that make up the legislature were responsible for passing laws. I also was under the impression that the political position that the two candidates are running for was for the United States senate. Commercials such as these are an insult to the intelligence of the people of Kentucky.

  • IDK why text messaging is so cool

    There she sat, on the couch, a daughter of 18 talking about the apartment she would like to move into.

    Then her phone, that dang phone of hers that has a track record of either ringing or alerting her of an incoming text message about 5 times every 2 minutes, did its thing.

    It was another text message.

    This text messaging craze, I don't get.

    But there the daughter sat, her thumb madly finding letters for a quick response. Never had I seen a thumb move in rapid fire form like this one. Obviously, she was a skilled veteran of the text messaging craze.